Songs In A minor - Limited Edition Bonus Disc (2002)


Disco 1: Songs In A Minor

Disco 2 (Remixed & Unplugged):


  1. Girlfriend    Krucialkeys Sista Girl Mix
  2. Gangsta lovin’    feat. Eve     (Alisa Yarbrough, Jonah Ellis, Lonnie Simmons)
  3. Fallin’    Remix feat. Busta Rhymes & Rampage
  4. A woman’s worth   remix
  5. Butterflyz   Roger’s Release Mix
  6. Troubles   J-Jay & Chris Lum Bootleg Mix
  7. How come you don’t call me   Neptunes Remix
  8. Fallin’   Ali Version


  1. Moonlight Sonata/L’Interludio Ambivalente/Ain’t Misbehavin’    
    (Beethoven / Ray Chew / Harry Brooks, Andy Razaf, Thomas Waller)
  2. Goodbye
  3. Never felt this way
  4. Butterflyz
  5. Caged Bird
  6. I got a little something for you    (Alicia Keys)
  7. Someday we’ll all be free   (Donny Hathaway, Edward Howard)


The Diary Of Alicia Keys - Bonus CD (2004)


Disco 1: The Diary Of Alicia Keys

Disco 2:

  1. If I ain't got you    feat. Usher       
  2. If I ain't got you    spanish version feat. Arturo Sandoval       
  3. If I ain't got you    Kanye West remix       
  4. You don't know my name/will you ever know it    Reggae Mix       

You Don't Know My Name    video

If I Ain't Got You    video

Diary   video


 As I Am - Limited Edition CD/DVD (2007)


CD: As I Am





Wake Up  


AS I AM    photo shoot    

NO ONE    photo shoot


 As I Am -The Super Edition CD/DVD (2008)


CD: As I Am con 3 nuove tracce:

  1. Another Way To Die    feat. Jack White
  2. Doncha Know (Sky Is Blu)
  3. Savior


You Don't Know My Name    live

Fallin'    live

Superwoman    live

No One    live

Teenage Love Affair    live

If I Ain't Got You    live  

 The Element Of Freedom - Deluxe Edition CD/DVD (2009)


CD: The Element Of Freedom con 2 nuove tracce:

  1. Through It All
  2. Pray For Forgiveness


Doesn't Mean Anything    live

Empire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down    live

Try Sleeping with a Broken Heart   live

No One    live

Doesn't Mean Anything   video