Little Drummer Girl, la prima canzone incisa in assoluto da Alicia Keys
Giovedì 23 Dicembre 2010 02:03

Little Drummer Girl  è stata in assoluto la prima canzone che Alicia abbia mai registrato. Lei stessa non ricorda nemmeno bene quando ma forse nel lontano 1996.

Quale miglior regalo per noi fans di Alicia......

  Alicia al riguardo dice: "If u can imagine young AK in Tims and jeans walking down those mean and dirty New York streets diddy-boppin to the Reasonable Doubt album or maybe Ray's Purple Tape. I was so excited about picking a Christmas song to record for an album called "The 12 Soulful Nights of Christmas" that JD and my then label, Columbia Records were putting together........

I remember sitting at my piano, vibing on the freshest way I could play one of my favorite songs "Little Drummer Boy" which of course had to be renamed "The Little Drummer Girl" ;-)

I was in my one bedroom apartment at the piano in the corner of the living room, just steps away from my "bedroom" and I played these jazzy style chords since I was starting to really get into jazz structures.

Anyway I stayed up late into the night to come up with the ultimate "Flip."

Then I went into the Studio with Rodney Jerkins and we produced the record together. I knew I wanted those Al Green style drums bangin behind it. In fact, I knew exactly what I wanted, and that was the beginning of me learning to become a producer.

I have the best memory of this song.

It was one of my "firsts" and now as I approach another First - experiencing the first Christmas with our Son. I feel like it's only right to share this song with you.

Freshly remastered and ready for your holiday spirit: Little Drummer Girl!

Sending you massive love and blessings during this time right into the most spectacular New Year you've ever known!

With love and gratitude,


 Pigiate il tasto play e godetevi l'ascolto!!

Alicia Keys - Little Drummer Girl by RCA Music Group "



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Comments (5)
1 Giovedì 23 Dicembre 2010 03:04
Ma dove l'avete recuperata con l'audio così pulito?
2 Giovedì 23 Dicembre 2010 15:14
"Freshly remastered and ready for your holiday spirit: Little Drummer Girl!"

L'hanno ripulita loro Wink
3 Giovedì 23 Dicembre 2010 16:27
seba 1996
ma questa canzone per cosa è stata registrata?
cioè: è la colonna sonora di qualche film o che cosa?
4 Giovedì 23 Dicembre 2010 19:17
Andy J.89
Risentiremo più canzoni del genere????? Wink Sad
5 Giovedì 23 Dicembre 2010 20:31
ragazzi la canzone è disponibile da tanto su itunes se volete vi post il link cmq non è una novità questa canzone.....almeno per me!
Poi se questa è la sua prima incisione meglio anzi spero che ne faccia altre con il suo vecchio stile!!!

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